The business world is full of challenges, and sometimes salespersons become demoralized. Technology is also causing rapid changes–making most sales individuals less motivated. Motivation is the internal desire and the drive to achieve more, which can be negatively affected by external forces such as customers, bosses, etc. Salespeople need to stay motivated to embrace the changes and concentrate on their work. Below are some tips salespersons can use to stay motivated.



The best way to stay motivated is by planning and trying as much as possible to stick with that plan. For instance, at the beginning of the year, you can create an annual plan and figure out how you will accomplish it. However, it is prudent to leave some room for adjustments in case of unforeseen circumstances.



Build a disciplined working process by assigning time to each task. For instance, create time for checking emails, returning calls, and other sales tasks. Consistently doing the right thing at the right time will help you improve performance and stay motivated. You do not need supervision from superiors to perform.


Focus on Activities Rather Than Results

Focus and put adequate effort into daily, weekly and monthly activities. Correlating the activities with simple sales goals is essential. Achieving the small goals can be self-motivating rather than focusing on the overall results.


Align with The Best

Spend time with great performers and learn the steps and process they have used to become successful. Also, attend sales meetings and informal forums. Personal success stories will open your mind to new approaches than reading motivational books.


Stay Healthy

Sales can be an exhausting profession. The frequent traveling, deadlines and other unending stressful situations can be grueling. Ensure to eat right, do exercises and sleep adequately to keep fit and energetic.


Deviate A Little

In sales, it is essential to put extra effort to achieve more. However, deviating from the regular sales routine and activities can be motivating. In fact, some insightful ideas might come from sources entirely outside the profession. For instance, participate in sports, cultural events, community service, etc.


Eliminate Negativity

Negativity can make you less motivated at work. Separate yourself from negative influences such as other co-workers. Thinking positively and associating with the right people can significantly increase motivation.