Today’s market is highly competitive, to say the least, and if you’re a salesperson trying to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Still, there are several ways you can make yourself stand out and hopefully capture a few more sales in the process.


1. Build a Relationship With Your Clients

After the initial sales pitch, make an effort to stay in contact with every one of your customers. Send them a thank you card, invite them to lunch, or find some other way you can add a personal touch to their experience. The more they feel like they know you as an individual, the more likely they are to continue buying from you.

2. Find Your Ideal Market

Instead of shooting all over the place, find your ideal market that is right for your industry and laser focus on them. That way, you can divert all your attention and resources to getting the clients you want, rather than trying to sell to everyone.

3. Make Yourself an Expert

Even if you don’t know everything about your industry, make an effort to learn about the business that you’re in, to the point that you can give advice and be a resource for them. If they see you as an expert, the value in your goods and services will increase as well.

4. Be Punctual

This one may seem mundane, but you would be surprised how many people show up consistently late to meetings. When they do that, they’re communicating to potential clients that their time isn’t valuable.

5. Ask Questions of Your Clients

Instead of launching straight into your sales pitch, take some time ask questions and address their specific concerns first. Most salespeople simply dive right into their products and services with little regard to the unique interests that every client has. The result is a stale and generic pitch.

6. Ignore the Competition

It can be tempting to discuss how different your product is from all of your competitors, but when you do that, you’re giving them free advertising. If you make your discussion about you, then you will be the only one they think of in that industry.

7. Be Yourself

If you have a personality quirk, embrace it. If you have your own distinct style, use it. Whatever defines you as a person (within reason), show that to the customer and allow your persona to shine forth in the presentation.


Ryan Krutzig is a seasoned sales and operations professional based in Minnesota. Read more of his leadership advice or check out his Twitter!