This article was originally published on Ryan Krutzig’s LinkedIn Page.

For those who have the gifts of persuasion, interpersonal skills, and a talent for figures, a sales career offers opportunities for financial success. To assure that they are equipped for these opportunities, young people considering a sales career should earn a college degree so they will be skilled in the latest technology and be competent in the areas of business and finance.


Q: Which college degree is necessary for a sales career?


A: Those who desire a sales career require a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or a similar degree. Undergraduate students can develop skills in one of 4 areas within this degree: Accounting, Finance, Business Management & Entrepreneurship, and Marketing. Finance and Accounting are essential areas of study since the sales representatives of a company work with the costs and profits involved with products produced by that company. And, although a course in Business Management & Entrepreneurship is designed to prepare people for opening businesses, it also offers salespeople necessary training in managing customers and other skills such as sales, negotiation skills, and the logistics of business. Marketing courses are also essential as they provide potential salespeople an understanding of how products and services are best advertised and sold.

Electives taken by college students add to their knowledge of history, cultures, and people. This knowledge can help salespeople relate to potential customers. Also, for those who plan a sales career in pharmaceuticals, extensive coursework in biology, chemistry and even statistics is essential for an understanding of the products being sold.


Q: Is a Master’s Degree needed for those entering a sales career in Business?


A: Pharmaceutical sales representatives who hold graduate degrees in business or sciences such as biology, microbiology, biochemistry, and related subjects are especially appealing to employers. In other sales areas, a Master’s in Business Administration helps salespeople develop their leadership skills such as strategic thinking and other decision-making skills. So, for those in sales careers who wish to advance to positions of leadership, a Masters of Business Administration is essential. If attending college on campus is not possible, accredited online MBA programs provide the same quality of education and afford salespeople the opportunity to further their education as they work. As in other fields of work, positions of company sales representatives have become specialized and demanding, so having at least one college degree is, indeed, an asset.


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