According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the sales industry will continue to see a three percent growth rate by the year of 2026. This means that over 458,700 new sales positions will be available to prospective applicants. Although most sales careers are directed towards individuals who are highly driven with exceptional interpersonal skills, the industry is still quite versatile. There are positions available to compliment almost any personality and skill set.

Insurance Sales Agent

This particular position entails maintaining a client base in which you help your consumers find the appropriate policies that best suit their needs. As an insurance sales agent, you will have access to various insurance types, and you will need to evaluate which plans are the most conforming to your client’s present and future needs. Becoming an insurance sales agent requires state licensing, and it is best to obtain a bachelor’s degree for prioritized hiring.

Real Estate Broker

The real estate market is one that is currently booming, making it a promising career choice for anyone who has the correct dedication and sociability. Real estate brokers are expected to show properties, organize open houses, and work as a middleman in helping both parties in the transaction process settle. After the final closing, brokers typically rake in a hefty percentage to themselves, as they are frequently working as independent contractors.

Account Manager

If you aren’t confident when it comes to your abilities in persuasiveness, becoming an account manager may be more appropriate for you. Account managers usually only come into contact with clients once a sale has already been closed, and they are available to answer any non-support questions related to the sale.

Director of Sales

For those who tend to excel in the areas of planning and strategic thinking, this position could be a fantastic match. Your tasks will include setting quotas, as well as developing plans in which these quotas can be met. Once your team makes the goals that you’ve implemented, you will most likely receive a bonus.

Sales Engineer

The career path to becoming a sales engineer is specifically geared to those who are skilled in analytical thinking. They are required to figure out how certain products or services work, and then explain their findings in a user-friendly manner. The job is best for individuals who have high energy, and who are naturally driven and focused when it comes to their positions.


So many industries are rapidly becoming obsolete, but the sales industry is certainly not one of them. For a career that is promising in both growth and security, sales positions are a great option to seek out. The industry is exceedingly adaptable with its varying education requirements, job duties, and salary margins. No matter what your end goals are, you are sure to be able to find a sales position that offers you exactly what you are looking for.


Ryan Krutzig is a seasoned sales and operations professional based in Minnesota. Read more of his leadership advice or check out his Twitter!