Well, selling is hard. Although most people have an inner drive to succeed, multiple rejections might result in low morale. The firms that haven’t yet figured out the best ingredient for constituting an exceptional sales team are missing out on a lot. It isn’t just about a suitable payment package but also about the right motivation. So companies offer incentives, exposure, and talks. Having an extensive platform, TED Talks provide excellent insight into how the successful individual came into being, providing listeners with a newer perspective.


Eddie Obeng on Smart Failure for a Fast-Changing World

According to his TED Talk, Eddie states that the methodologies that previously applied in conducting business are no longer relevant. Today, information exchange is fast, and it is vital that sales personnel alter their strategies to reflect the change.


Richard St. John on Secrets of Success

Based on his several years of research and learning what successful individuals believe turned them successful, Richard shares eight secrets to success on this TED Talk. This a very informative piece for a new entrant into the sales profession.


Angela Duckworth: Power of Passion and Perseverance

On this TED Talk, Angela expresses how success in school isn’t necessarily a result of being smart. From her position,  teaching 7th-grade students, she learned that those who were smart weren’t always the best performers. What she came up with was a theory that success is a product of psychological and motivational support.


Kelly McGonigal on How to Make Stress Your Friend

Well, stress in the sales field is an ordinary occurrence. What happens when a salesperson faces multiple rejections from prospective clients? According to McGonigal, a professional psychologist, a person shouldn’t consider stress as a negative but as a positive. She states that it only takes a person a change in perspective on pressure, and the body’s response changes accordingly.


The Puzzle of Motivation by Dan Pink

This is a good one for the sales team. Pink states that the conventional reward scheme that we are used to isn’t always practical. He comprehensively explains how motivation can be an excellent contributor to general perception and give better positive habits.


These TED Talks expose audiences to personalities that have significant achievements in their careers. For sales personnel, staying motivated and focused isn’t always smooth, but TED Talks like these can offer a helping hand.