A word from the wise: The customer is always in control. For those in any type of customer service industry, including salespeople, it is especially important to develop specific skills for successful interactions and sales. Depending on the product or service you are selling, necessary skills will vary. However, the following are five skills that are crucial to master for success.


Clear Communication

Communication is critical, primarily when working with customers and clients. Each customer is different, but many want their problem solved quickly. It is essential to consider how your communication will translate to the customer. However, do not briefly touch on important points just to get to the end of the conversation. Keep the communication simple but leave no doubt.


Effective Listening

To provide the best service or product for a customer, you must really listen to them. As someone who works in customer service, it is your job to gather information and find a proper solution. Active listening does not just entail listening to what is said, but additionally what is not said.



Another critical skill for successful sales is creativity. The ability to consistently create new ideas can go a far way in the customer service industry. Bringing a creative approach to a customer’s problem will likely earn new clients and more customer loyalty and satisfaction.



While patience is difficult to maintain, it is a key skill for successful sales. In today’s business world, decisions quickly made because results are expected instantly. However, this is not always the right approach. Salespeople who take time to slow down, listen and analyze situations typically have the best outcome. Successful salespeople can maintain patience at all times – even in times with high stress.


Decision Making

Although customers may be indecisive, you cannot be. Having full and up-to-date knowledge of your product or service will allow you to make the best decisions for your customers. The ability to make decisions will help empower the customer to trust your discretion. Plus, having full knowledge and the ability to answer customer service inquiries can be great opportunities to make another sale.


These are just five of the many necessary customer service skills for successful sales. Be sure to check back soon for another five skills that are crucial to master for success.


Ryan Krutzig is a seasoned sales and operations professional based in Minnesota. Read more of his sales blogs or check out his leadership advice!