In a previous blog, I discussed five of the many necessary customer service skills for successful sales. In that post, I explained why clear communication, effective listening, creativity, patience, and decision making are crucial skills for salespeople. Depending on the product or service you are selling, required skills will vary but there a few core concepts all salespeople must master. In this blog post, I will examine another five skills and why they are vital to sales success.



Successful salespeople master empathy for a reason; According to Forbes, 70 percent of buying experiences are based on how the client feels they are being treated. Yes, customers want their problem solved and are concerned with finances, but they also want to feel empathy. Finances are important, but many buying decisions are emotional.



To survive in a sales position, you must embrace flexibility. Those who find sales success know that each customer is different and requires a different sales path. Rather than thinking of sales as a straight and narrow road, look at the bigger picture and consider all the different ways you could help a customer. The ability to be flexible with your customers and sales pitch will help you achieve success.


Expert Knowledge

Possibly the most essential skill for successful sales is having expert knowledge of your product, business, and industry. Gaining and continuously growing your knowledge of your product will help you make deals as well as boost your confidence when talking with customers. If you don’t know the ins and outs of the product, then it will be impossible to sell it to customers who will actually use it. It’s also helpful to have an excellent understanding of your business and industry, especially knowing what features your product has compared to other competitors.


Time Management

We all know we could always use more time, but unfortunately, we can only manage what we get. Time management skills are essential for many roles, but especially for salespeople. It’s easy to get distracted or flustered if customers are continually reaching out or asking questions. However, to be successful, you must prioritize work and be efficient with your time. It’s also important to remember that there is a limit to how much time you should spend with customers.



As a salesperson, you are always in a people-facing role. It can become difficult at times to not feel frustrated or discouraged, especially if a customer is unhappy. In the sales role, it is important to remember that not every customer will buy your product or end up happy. Don’t be afraid to talk to your team for support or taking a break between tough calls.


To achieve sales success, these ten skills are vital to master. The sooner you can learn these skills, the sooner you will find success. Being in a sales role, you will continually learn more and enhance these necessary skills.


Ryan Krutzig is a seasoned sales and operations professional based in Minnesota. Read more of his sales blogs or check out his leadership advice!